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:bulletpurple: You must draw yourself [your KH character] reacting to me [Xirek] in some way!


:bulletred: Now, this contest is pretty open to your own interpretation, but there are some rules.

:bulletorange: No violence or mature content [other than language], please. I am your Superior, after all, and unless you are my wife, you shouldn't have to mature your piece for *cough*sexual content*cough*. And violence is just We do have a rule around here to not kill each other :p

:bulletyellow: Please try to keep me in character...

:bulletgreen: Your reaction could be your first reaction upon seeing me/hearing my voice in your head, the way you react around me after you've gotten to know me, reactions to my fears/fascinations, or anything of the sort.

:bulletblue: Members of All-Nobodies will be preferred to enter, but you may still enter the contest if you have a KH OC. [Send a note to me and I will send a request for it to go into the Contests folder] If you do not have a KH OC, you can still enter by using a CANON character would yield interesting results!

:bulletpurple: Unless we get more than ten entries, you are limited to only one entry per member, thank you.

:bulletpink: Make sure you try, and above all, have fun!


:bulletpurple: You may use any kind of media for this contest [Digital art, traditional art, photography, artisan crafts, bases, writing...etc]

...that could help give you ideas.

:bulletpurple: As you know, I am covered in scars and stitches and my mouth is stitched shut, forcing me to speak through telepathy.

:bulletpurple: I very rarely wear the Organization XIII coat.

:bulletpurple: I cannot read thoughts, although many think I can upon first meeting me.

:bulletpurple: I am terrified of: Deep water, the voices in my head, Keirx

:bulletpurple: I have a fascination with: ghosts and other dead things, things that relate to Halloween

:bulletpurple: I have the power of mediumship: Communicating with the dead.

:bulletpurple: I have a pet tarantula.

:bulletpurple: Halloween is my favourite holiday

:bulletpurple: I have a wife and three children

:bulletpurple: I cannot cook to save my life.

:bulletblack: If there is anything else you would like to know about me, don't hesitate to ask!

:bulletblack: You can look here for extra info.


:bulletpurple: Extended to October 1st, 2012!


:bulletpurple: Voting will be done via note. I will allow everyone to send me a note with their top three favourite entries. This way voting will be completely fair. Details will come when the contest is over :3


Alright, so not all prizes have been sorted out yet. If you would be willing to donate ANYTHING, please shoot me a note!

:bulletblue:First Place:bulletblue:

:bulletblue: Free digital commission [up to two characters + detailed background] from Sora-Horsey (worth up to 35 points)
:bulletblue: Free sketch from Sora-Horsey
:bulletblue: One month journal feature of up to 6 pieces from Sora-Horsey
:bulletblue: Ten points from Sora-Horsey
:bulletblue: Full body colour with simple background from ImLookingForTime (worth 27 points)

:bulletred:Second Place:bulletred:

:bulletred: Free digital commission [up to one character + simple background] from Sora-Horsey (worth up to 30 points)
:bulletred: One month journal feature of up to 4 pieces from Sora-Horsey
:bulletred: Seven points from Sora-Horsey
:bulletred: Full body colour with no background from ImLookingForTime (worth 20 points)

:bulletyellow:Third Place:bulletyellow:

:bulletyellow: Free Sketch from Sora-Horsey
:bulletyellow: One month journal feature of up to 2 pieces from Sora-Horsey
:bulletyellow: Five points from Sora-Horsey
:bulletyellow: Full body sketch from ImLookingForTime (worth 7 points)
:bulletyellow: Coloured commission of up to one character from ObsidianPearl

We need prize donations! You can still enter the contest if you donate a prize! Thank you!

Your Superior, awaiting to see how you react to me,
Xirek Eraknid

[Sora-Horsey says: I'd love to see some funny entries! Anything that makes me laugh gets some bonus points!]

Current entries...

Twin Telepathy by 0kidd0
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Contest Entries
Twin Telepathy by 0kidd0


This collection does not have any deviations yet!


All our lovely affiliates. :3 Please be sure to check out their pages, as well!
Any group may affiliate with us, you don't NEED to be a KH group~


You must comment here after you join so I can add your Nobody to the list of members!

Hello, and welcome to All-Nobodies!!!

We are Organization Plures, meaning Organization of Many. And that's exactly what we want: Many members.

As the name implies, this group is open to any and every Nobody OC out there! Following are the rules:

:bulletred: Anyone may join!

:bulletorange: You may have any amount of Nobodies in this group. [Now, if you have, say 15 different Nobody OCs, then we're going to have to limit a bit, but we can work that out. :meow:]

:bulletyellow: Unlike most Organization groups, we will accept duplicates of powers, since there are a limited number of elements out there, and a large amount of Nobody OCs. The only thing that cannot be duplicated is your Proof of Existence.

:bulletgreen: Does your OC have kids? Feel free to add them in the gallery, too! [They just won't have ranks. They can participate in missions if you'd like]

:bulletblue: You do not HAVE to do the missions, but it would be nice so you can stay up-to-date on the group and so we can get to know your Nobody[ies]!

:bulletpurple: Please upload to the appropriate folders =)

:bulletpink: You may draw and/or write for any of the missions. Comics, bases, and linearts are also allowed.

:bulletblack: No god-modding [i.e. being all-powerful], and ABSOLUTELY NO KILLING!!! This will NOT be tolerated, and you will be kicked from the group!

:bulletwhite: Overall, just be nice and have fun! And if you have any questions, just contact either of the Superiors! Xirek [Sora-Horsey] or Luxury [Chibi1KH2]





Members List

Please comment here to get your rank and see the missions~

Rank. Owner of Nobody/Name/Proof of Existence/Weapon/Element

015. Sora-Horsey/Xirek/The Angelic Demon/Flail/Mediumship SUPERIOR
016. Chibi1KH2/Luxury/The Royal Pixie/Staff/Healing SUPERIOR
017. TechicolorPeas/Noxious/The 7-Coloured Doll/ Puppets /Puppetry
018. Jashinwolfytimez42/Wolfix/The Angel Kid/ Scythe/Fire
019. TopBananas/Lexior/The Shiny Devast/ Diamond shards /Diamonds
020. SuicideParker/Alexion/The Angel of Organization XIII/2 Keyblades/Death
021. Sofy202/Axan/The Sweet Nightmare/Pencilix/Imagination and Dreams
022. Raven-Black09/Alice Blood/The Bloody Kitsune/Twin Katanas/Elemental
023. RandomAnimeGirl42/Xinamavo/Sound Speedster/Musical Instrument/Sound
024. Deadly-Myobi/Arcaxia/Shi-Shi-Baby/Scythe/Gore
025. MagiTears/Korox/The Reflection of Faith/Rapier/Mirror
026. Roseredwrath/Naryx/The Sadistic Hydra/Claws/Matter
027. ReverseSwirl/Renxla/The Reverse Reaper/Bardiche/Zombies
028. Wet-flamE/Rixevr/The Mirror Image/Mirror Sword/Reflection
029. little-wave/Xena (Dean)/The Lone Flame/Fallen Blade/Fire
030. danekez/Miax/The Midnight Shadow/None/Heart
031. The-Greatest-Dark/Xanthus/The Death Scribe/Hook Swords/Text and Writing
032. RandomAnimeGirl42/Xagufad/The Memory of Survival/Sword/Memories
033. danekez/Xinakel/The Lofty Inspector/Scalpel/Mind
034. SkyStorm00/Xemera/The Rising Storm/Storms and Natural Disasters
035. 0kidd0/Kato/The Solemn twin specter/Lethal Armour/Paranormal
036. 0kidd0/Babirye [Riana]/The Blithe twin deliverer/Rapier/Nature
037. DeidaraTobi15/Staxia/?/Giant Ruler/?
038. Jashinwolfytimez42/Marlixe/The Blossoming Fairy/Flower Keyblade/Flowers
039. uncle-sollux/Keyxs/The Lamatable Solider
/Double Swiss Gunblades/Ice
041. Wet-flamE/Xaveur/The Death Flare/Hand Cannon/Fireworks
042. ReverseSwirl/Narixaa/The Steel Assassin/Steel Knife and Tattoos/Steel
043. blankwolfzacky/Grxeg/The Blank Wolf Guardian/Twin Chain Saws and Four Blank Balls/Blank
044. AndraiaNakazatoNK/Xiodo/The Terrestrial Guardian/Gunblade/Terrestrial
045. OtakuRose/Ximena/The Stealthy Adolescant/Twilight Staff/Shadow
046. OtakuRose/Enix/The Carefree Loner/Crossbow/Spirit
047. raven94/Lexia/The Eternal Seeker/Sora and Roxas[are the name of the weapons]/Eternity
048. AceAnalai/Xena/The Chaotic Ice/Longsword/Ice
049. ILoveRainbowMuffins/Exelle/The Black Rose/Hatchet.Vectors/Shadow
050. Cherry-Lyn/Lexia/L'il Heartless Flirt/Shadow/Shadow
051. Rose3212/Lexi/The Curious Beauty/Claymore[saix]/Ruby-Curiosity-the unknowing
052. The-Greatest-Dark/Daxll/The Night Bringer/TRS Knife/Darkness
054. TopBananas/Nexsna/The Coloured Absence/Silk Rope/Silk and Rainbows
055. Rose3212/Shade/The Dark One/Sonic [name of sword]/Fire
056. TechicolorPeas/Aliex/The Blind Worm/?/Parasites
057. SuicideParker/Luxas/Garden of Wonderland/Guns/Ice
058. Wet-flamE/Crixco
059. MyxXxMuse/Xakhari/The Crystal Maiden/Two large, red fans/Crystal
060. ArtySkull/Kootonii/Okami of the savage blue flame/Scythe of the Okami/Blue fire
061. Rayneinthesky/Kixara/The Callous Siren/Kanabo/Noise
062. puttytat44/Foxwl/The Mocking Canine/Noise/Scythe of Uproar



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Rose3212 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have a 3rd Nobody her name is Roxane.
Rose3212/Roxane/The Deep Thinker/Cress(Name of Sitar)/Water/Sapphire
SkyStorm00 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
can i join?

xemera (se-mer-a)
title: rising storm
elemint: storms and natural disasters
Sora-Horsey Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Xirek: *bows* Welcome to the Organization, number 34. I am your Superior, Xirek. If you need any assistance, feel free to ask.
SkyStorm00 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
xemera: thankyou for letting me join ^-^
Sora-Horsey Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Xirek: Not a problem.

[OOC: Feel free to enter the contest as well! ^^ Info is in the group's journal ^^]
little-wave Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh gosh! I would love to join! :D May i?
Sora-Horsey Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Of course!
little-wave Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I am reading up on everything now, thank you <3 so much! :D

Name: Xena (but goes by Dean)
Title: Lone flame
Element: fire
weapon: Fallen Blade
Sora-Horsey Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Xirek: *bows* welcome to the Organization, number 29. If you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to ask.
(1 Reply)
ArtySkull Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011  Student Digital Artist
:D Here's my OC
Name: Kootonii
Title: Okami of the savage blue flame
element: Blue fire
weapon: Scythe of the Okami
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